Message Of Vice Rector

Congratulations on your decision to enroll with Norton University.  As one of the oldest private university in Cambodia, Norton University offers excellent facilities, real life-experienced lecturers, and a complex system of higher education to prepare students to developing their skills and knowledge to a challenging future as Cambodia integrates itself into the market of regionalization as well as globalization. First begun in 1996, Norton University has enjoyed a long tradition of successes in grooming policy makers, civic leaders, and business leaders who had advanced their higher education at our university and had worked throughout the region and the world. At Norton University, students can study majors through a rigorous series of courses and examination.  Students also attend the seminars that focus on the broader educational spectrum to further enhancing their knowledge.  Norton University holds itself to the highest quality of education. Therefore, we recruit the best, most diverse and innovative lecturers and staffs from around the world, encouraging a vibrant intellectual community for our students to build and secure their future.  In addition, Norton University organizes regular seminars, presented by skillful and expert guests from the prestigious universities to strengthen the capacity of our lecturers and staffs – thus ensuring academic excellence for our students.  The purpose of this newsletter is to provide students with the informational sources recated to their study and society.
    Welcome to the Norton University. We look forward to being a part of your professional development.

Dr. Ung Vannthoeun