My name is Heng Ngounhour, a senior student of major Business Management at Norton University. After graduated high school, I wish I could study at a very good university then I chose Norton. It is the best choice for me, I never felt regret what I have decided even I have to spend 30minutes to travel from my home to my university. I love my university even more when I started to study here. As a student, I love to study with comfortable rooms, good facilities, and fresh air environment, high technology, moreover; I need a modern library with a lot useful books to do research. Especially strict rule, tidy, good security and these are all Norton. Around 4 years, I have a lot of best friends and we love to study together. I have good relationship with my professors. I have tasted a lot of knowledge from them. All lecturers I have met, they are all perfect with good experiences, high knowledge, deep and full of morality. That is why I enjoy my study very much. Norton University provided me a lot of benefits and a lot of unforgettable memories especially when study tour of students in Business and Economic Department to KPS. I have learned a lot at there. Finally by the prospect of my real capacity and ability that I got from my university, I strongly believe that at the end of school year, I will get a better job or be a good leader in our society in the future.

Having considered on every aspect, I decided to cultivate my future path here at Norton University. Truth be told, I didn’t graduate from high school with a very good grade; I wasn't an outstanding student. I was not as confident as I am today; I didn’t even know what my goal was then. But the turning point in my academic life came when I started my journey at Norton University. Now that I am studying here, I can see the trustworthiness of the school since it provides me the very best quality of education. Here, at Norton University, I get to meet highly-qualified and professional lecturers, for whom I will always be grateful, as they’ve provided me the academic and general knowledge, encouragement, and always be there to give me support whenever I need them. I am grateful and proud to be Norton University’s student. 

Norton University is the first Private University in Cambodia. It was made in 1996 with the best quality of Education. In the name of one student that is studying in this University. I am very proud with my own self, and I very happy because I think I have a good luck and the best chance to continue my BBA at Norton University after I finished High school. Now a lot of things I have from University is to specialize of Management course, communication,
Computer Skill, and also I have more leadership skills from Norton for using in my work life and society. 

I’m Prak Sonita, studying Business Marketing major at Norton University. There are many universities around the world, country, and specifically mentioned Phnom Penh city. It is due to the fact that university gives human resource birth. Without regret, I have chosen Norton University as my parent of education. NU helps me enormously by giving me a scholarship to study in South Korea and bring me bright future workplace. A Million-trillion-billion thank to NUers – Director, deans, and heads of business, professors, lecturers, and all of officers. Consequently, to get a better job and be a good competitor in the future, NU plays a huge, positive role in the future life.

Hello! My name is Rangsey. I am senior of Business Department in majoring Management. After I graduated at high school in 2011, I decided to study at Norton University that is unique university in my dream. During four years, I think that Norton University is the best university that provides the best quality of education. Not only the best quality, but also the best of everything such as, lecturers, library, building, parking, equipment, and so on. The reason that I love Norton the most is the strict examination and providing the scholarship for outstanding students for every semester. I am very proud of being a student of Norton University. 

My name is Chhe Chhunny, I am Sophomore in Norton University in Phnom Penh. For two years and a half, I studied a lot of courses, and my field study is Business. Life in University is totally different from High School because in the university I try to learn and research. to me sometimes I think I’m so tired, but I would like to study, some courses are easy for  me to study but some courses it is difficult to me. However, I tell myself, try to study is the best choice for me. I choose Norton University since I think that Norton is a good university in Cambodia, and it’s very interesting for me. This university has good lecturers, good discipline, and has big building; therefore, I think it is good. Lecturers are very polite, attention while teaching, managing class, and especially have experiences. To be honest, Norton University has better policy than other universities. For example when final examination, he lecturers monitor the class well, keep not students cheating, and no answer sheet. It’s very strict rule that need all students to try to study hard before the exam coming. I am very happy with all teachers and my classmate. They are very friendly, polite, and lovely.

My name is Nuon Sreyneang. I am a student at Norton University, Department of business. I would like to be a HR Management in future. I really like all lecturers in here. They make me grow up my knowledge from one semester to one semester. I have independent for myself, and give experience in group leader to practice my leadership skill. Another more Norton is good regulation in exam; the student will try of best to pass on exam. Finally, I think that spending time to study at Norton; it will be have a good job.

Choosing a better university in Cambodia to study is a complicated decision we made. I am pretty sure that I made the right decision when I have chosen Norton University. I am grateful to be able to study at NU. Everything is more than I expected. The strict rules are strongly applied; moreover, the lecturers are skillful and full of experiences. Interestingly, students are controlled fairly by proctors to ban students not to cheat for sure. NU leads us to the right way while we are trying hard and make a commitment to study. We must succeed in making our dream come true.

My name is Sok lyhay. I'm very enthusiastic that I study at Norton University (NU) is the leading private university in Cambodia. Now I'm year two and I'm doing one bachelor degree of Business Administration in Management major. I'm extremely interesting during I'm studying here because the education system provides me the best quality and effectiveness. Firstly, the regulating principle demands students to wear university uniform (blue shirt with black trousers), don't allow students driving motor in the NU area. Secondly, lectures or professors give me more detailed explanation, handouts and assignments which make me understanding and providing pure knowledge. Especially, I perform very well on midterm or final examination even though management team of quality assurance unit is very strict during examination day. Lastly, NU has own marvelous building at Chroy Changva that architects and builders combine ancient Khmer and modern design. To sum up, I hope when I graduate from my bachelor degree I'm going to get bright job and future. I love NU, NU takes care me back.

Norton University is the place where taught and nurtured me to become who I am today. I have gained knowledge from professional professors who share with us about their experiences during classes. Moreover, every year It always gives scholarships for outstanding students. I can build up my leadership and more abilities by doing schoolwork and supportive from lecturers. It has filled my university life not only cognizance and success but also excitement, solidarity, friendship and fun.