Electricity: the study of energy efficiency, energy audit, and the supplying of electricity power in building, factory, enterprise and public building . 
Advantage : implement standard electrical network.


Electronics: the study of electronic projects such as electronic circuit design, electronic security design, and electronic for entertainment. 
Advantage: students will be able to design many kinds of electronics accessories, machine. etc Goal: create new technology. 


Telecommunication : 

  • the study of operating on the mobile and immobile system 
  • the study about the operation of telecommunication system 
  • maintenance on telecommunication 

Advantage : awareness of signal transmission ( mobile, immobile ) 


Automation & Control System: 

  • the study of Automation system in factory, enterprise, 
  • the study of the Robotic 
  • Embedded system 

Advantage: Students will be able to control the system such as controlling the machine in Beer factory. Goal: create the control system which operates automatically. Manage the control system in the factory.