Department of Architecture and Urbanism

YearSemester ISemester II
Year IColor and Sketching I2Color and Sketching I2
Descriptive Geometry I2Core English 1 B3
English 1 A3Creative Concept2
Khmer Studies2Instruction to Computer2
Principles of Management2Khmer studies2
  Principle  of  Business2
Year IIArchitectural Design I3Architectural Design II3
Color and Sketching III2Color and Sketching IV2
Computer Graphic Design (2d & 3 D-Design)1Computer Graphic design II(2d 3D-Design)1
Descriptive Geometry II1Descriptive Geometry III1
History of  Khmer Architecture3Khmer Architecture (Trade Design & Modeling Sculpture)3
Introduction of Design (2D&3D)2Khmer Culture for Architecture2
Core English I2Core English II2
English Writing I2English Writing II2
Year IIIArchitectural Design III4Architecture Design IV4
Color and Sketching V2Color and Sketching VI2
Computer Graphics Design (3D-max-)3History Design II2
History of Architecture I2Interior Design II2
Interior Design I2Sustainable Design2
Basic Engineering I (Theory of Mechanic & Strength of material)2Basic Engineering II (Structure and Reinforced  concrete)2
Year IVArchitectural Design V4Architectural Design VI4
Conservation I1Conservation II2
Law and Rule of Construction2Landscape Design (Basic & Advanced landscape)3
Project Planning  and Implementation I2Professional Practice II1
Professional Practice I3Project Planning and Implementation II2
Urban Planning2Thesis Writing and Methodology2
  Urban Planning II (Urban design)2
Year VSewage and Water System2Internship and Paper writing -
Internship and preparation of paper writing-