In the challenging time of this ever changing world which has evolved to be known as the “global village,” the College of Social Sciences (CSS) is instrumental in providing in depth tools for better understanding and analyzing the people, culture and global economies. The concept of globalization has triggered the expansion and the growth of business for local and international market, which has attracted the international and local investors, multinational companies and business conglomerates. 

The programs of CSS are designed to prepare students to take active roles in developing national economy within the context of Khmer culture and focusing on present global market trends. 

CSS sees itself as serving the country by the provision of “up-to-date” and “state-of-the-art” training for the Cambodian. The competent and professional faculty members of the College are not just “instructors” but “true sense educators”. We are happy to establish partnership with eager learners and invite them to enroll at NU for their degree training. 

The College of Social Sciences (CSS) is one of four well-established colleges at Norton University. Under the direction of the Governing Council and Academic Board and in conjunction with the policy statement and mission statement of the university, the College of social science envisions to producing graduates with excellent competency and commendable proficiency in related disciplines of economics, business, hotel and tourism, and laws. 

The graduates would be capable to seek employment opportunity in a wide range of public and private sector in the fields of business administration, organizational management, social consultancy, social research, community and industry services, developmental affairs, law enforcement. 

CSS has committed itself to the provision of educational services for students who are expected to acquire and master normative approaches, practical skills, and specialization in economics, business, hotel and tourism, and law. It also seeks to provide students a comprehensive awareness of their roles, duties, and responsibilities towards the Cambodian people, culture, and society, which could be brought about their reading and analysis of the society-cultural, political lives and activities of other countries around the world, particularly the ones of ASEAN neighbors.