The Graduate School of Norton University was started in February 2001 in affiliation with Ateneo de Zamboanga University in the Philippines with its initial offering of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program with 36 students enrolled in the first batch. Hence, the diplomas for the first two MBA classes were signed by the Rector and the President, respectively, of Norton University and Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

Development and International Studies (MDIS) program began in 2002 with 32 students making up the first batch. Then, in August of that same year, a third program leading to the degree Master of Science in Computer Information and Management (MSCIM) opened with 17 students. However, this was redeveloped in 2004 and was named Master of Science in Information Technology. Consequently, a fourth program leading to a degree of English and Education (MEE) was also started with 16 students enrolled.

Thus, all the four (MBA, MDIS, MSIT, and MEE) constitute the regular International Master's Programs of Norton University Graduate School.

Apart from these four regular programs, NUGS was also a recipient and host of the European Union (EU) funded master programs for two consecutive terms. First, in January 2007 where it offered a Master in Management (MM), Master in Human Resource Management (MHRM), and Master in Financial

Management (MFM) which enrolled a total of 28 students. And second, in January 2009, it launched the Master in Educational and Financial Management (MEFM) with 61 students enrolled. Recipients of these EU Funded Master's Programs are all government employees who are currently holding key positions in various Ministries of the Royal Government of Cambodia. This gave the NU Graduate the opportunity to contribute to the development of the human resources needed by the country for its continuous development.

To continuously ensure that NUGS is able to cater to the various demands of the Cambodia society for its economic and human development, four additional Master Programs were introduced beginning the 1st semester of AY 2013-2014. These included the Master in Banking and Finance(MBF), Master in Auditing and Accounting (MAA).