Is a part of the first private university in Kingdom of Cambodia, College of Sciences has been found in 1996 in the name of College of Computer Sciences. College of Sciences has been found in 2005 in formal. College of Sciences has 4 parts are: 1. Computer Department, 2. Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department, 3. Civil Department, 4. Architecture Department. Especially, the teaching and research in this college consider science of practice which links with study and obvious practice. In the meanwhile, college trails to work hard at all needs, tasks, and continuous study in Cambodia and international as well. In this meaning, students have been studied through number of hours and the study program in term of international by oblige to prepare and obvious project practice which links with enterprise, institute, or company in 100 hours. By struggling and thorough study, students who graduated their study in College of Science at Norton University, they have been evaluated highly in job market as well as some students have been studying and got a job in overseas as well.