Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering, Norton University. 

This department has been established since 2000. Our curriculum provides the students with broad educational and professional perception to enhance their effectiveness as practitioners and researchers in the field of Civil Engineering, which includes planning, analysis and design of foundations, buildings, bridges, roads and hydraulic structures. This curriculum contains courses in mathematics, basic sciences, and fundamental and specific Civil Engineering subjects. In addition, the students are required to fulfill English courses during the first and second year in order to widen their outlooks in their future careers. We have our own laboratory, which allows students to perform some necessary tests to make them fully understand on what have been taught in the class. The Department of Civil Engineering offers the study programs leading to Bachelor of Civil Engineering (B.Eng.).

We are continuously endeavoring to improve our educational and research programs and remain at the vanguard of education and research in many fields of Civil Engineering in Cambodia. Our ambition is to produce the qualified Civil Engineers, who are responsible for their works, further develop Cambodia on a permanent basis. We keep working on the frontline of Civil Engineering in this country.

I look forward to welcome all the prospective students, who are interested in Civil Engineering, to visit and enroll in our department. If you need more information, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Best wishes, 

Head of Civil Engineering Department