Department of Civil Engineering

YearSemester ISemester II
Year IEnglish A 13Core English 1 B3
Human & Society2Khmer Studies2
Introduction to Engineering2Mathematic for Engineering II2
Mathematic for Engineering I2Principle of Economics2
Principle of Business2Software Application2
Year IIAuto CAD (2D)2Electricity in Building2
Chemistry for Engineering2Engineering Geology1
Engineering Drawing2Engineering Tool & Operation1
Mathematics for Engineering III2Concrete mix Design2
Physics for Engineering I2Physics for Engineering II2
Core English2Theory of Mechanics2
English for Engineering (Writing)2Core English2
  English for Engineering (Writing)2
Year IIIArchitectural Design for CE2Engineering Surveying3
Construction Technology2Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering II2
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Engineering I2Soil Mechanics & Foundations II2
Hydrology1Strength of Materials II2
Soil Mechanics & Foundations I3Structural Analysis II2
Structural Material I2Transportation and Planning2
Structural Analysis I2Wooden Design1
Year IVAuto Land Development2Construction Management & Analysis II2
Construction Management & Analysis I2Earthen dam design and Slope protections2
Law and Rule of Construction1GIS and remote sensing2
Reinforced concrete Design I2Pre-stressed Concrete2
Road construction I2Project Planning & Implementation2
Sanitary Engineering Design2Reinforced concrete Design II2
Steel Design3Road construction II2
Year VBridge Construction3Internship and paper writing-
Program Robot2  
Internship and Preparation of paper writing-