Today English is widely regarded as the most important language in business, education and the professions. Moreover ASEAN formally adopted English, the language of my home country the United Kingdom as the working language of the ASEAN community. This means therefore that any young person who wishes to move around this region or even further afield will have to have excellent English language skills. Many students incorrectly believe that they will automatically land a high paying position with a large organization if they are in possession of a degree certificate. I have to state that unfortunately if ever this was true it is most certainly no longer the case. Students graduating from universities today across the globe need a wide range of skills, which is why choosing the right university is such an important decision. In face I would even go so far as to say that it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life.

At Norton we pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality programs which will enable students to acquire the skills they will need for their future careers. In CAHL students receive excellent English language tuition from both local and native-speaking teachers. Your student experience with us at Norton will prepare you well for the next steps you wish to take after graduation.

By making the decision to study with us here at Norton you are taking the first step on your career path. Together we will ensure that you are given the best possible chance to achieve all of your personal goals and ambitions.