The need of electrical power supplied in Cambodia is growing very fast. The electricity nowadays play a vital role for the development of our country such as industrial, economic, social, educational and other sectors. The current career market demand in this field is very large. From this point of view, our Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department has enhance our capacity building including human resources, modern lab facilities, and research materials to produce high qualified engineer to fulfill the current and future market demand. Our department consists of many experienced and professional lecturers holding PhD and Master Degree from abroad. 

During your study in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, you will surely gain knowledge both theoretical and practical via lecturing in class with LCD equipped and air-conditioning, laboratorial experiment, research activities, and internship. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department requires students to do internship at least 2 times during their whole study. There are several companies and institutions where students can conduct internship such as Comin Asia/ Komin Khmer, Cambodia Brewery Limited, Khmer Brewery, Kangwha Engineering, CellCard, Smart Mobile, Electricity du Cambodge, and other engineering companies. Moreover, we will accompany students to do study tours at least 3 times for year 3 and 2 times for year 4 students. 

The required knowledge to study in our department is: Mathematics and Physics, and our department will provide more lectures on this course for your ease to study in the department to become a professional engineer. 

Degree Requirements: The 5-year Bachelor of electrical and electronic engineering program requirements is as adopted. The Department of electrical and electronic engineering consist 4 majors as bellow: 

  1. អគ្គិសនី    Electricity 
  2. អេឡិចត្រូនិច    Electronics 
  3. Automation 
  4. Telecommunication System