ABOUT about us Mission Vision and Goal
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Mission Vision and Goal


Norton University aspires to be an internationally respected university producing competitive professionals, who will contrib­ute to the social and economic well-being of Cambodia and to the international community.


Norton University aims to produce graduates:

  1. Who have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Who have a professional and competitive attitude, ready to face future challenges.
  3. Who are creative and independent thinkers, able to engage in research.
  4. Who value higher learning and possess a spirit of inquiry.
  5. Who pursue peace, justice and development. In order to produce such graduates, Norton University commits itself to:
    The Students: By continuously providing high quality academic services, research independent learning.
    The Staff: By promoting their personal and academic development.
    The Nation: By supporting traditional Khmer culture, peace, justice, and reinforcing benefits of local and international community.

Goal And Objective

In order to be a university as set out in the mission statement, NU has identified a series of high level goals and objectives that form the basis for its internal strategic planning as well as indicating to the government and the community how the university intends to meet and sustains its profile and exceeds the minimum requirements for accredi­tation as a university. 

Accordingly, the University is making it a priority to build its strength and resources. To this end, it can already demonstrate that it has the capability to teach and to lead students in learning at the level of higher education. This capability is constantly being honed. 

The University is firmly focused on increasing the diversity of its programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A clear intent is to increase the proportion of its postgraduate to undergradu­ate students.