NEWS News & Events Seminar on “Strengthening Tourism Education towards ASEAN 2015”

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Seminar on “Strengthening Tourism Education towards ASEAN 2015”

Detail: Created OnFri, 21, November - 2014

On behalf of Norton University Rector, Professor Chan Sok Khieng, I would like to convey my highest appreciation to Tourism Students, for their participation in this morning seminar. It provides all of you, and important tool, and as well as academic knowledge, which design to offer all of you, a strong educational foundation to face the challenges; as Cambodia is surely moving forward towards ASEAN integration by 2015. Cambodia has a lot of tourism potential to develop; therefore, human resources in the field of tourism must be created. Youth (the future generation of leadership) must be well prepared and educated. So as Communities Leaders and Educators, we can do to achieve this by collaborating our experiences and knowledge to teach the young ones. Thus, I’m confident that this morning our students have learned from the best of the best in the field of tourism. Tourism potential is vast to develop in Cambodia. Such development can be on either sides of the coin, a negative outcomes, or a positive outlooks; if we do not manage it right. And this morning seminar, you have heard the arguments present by our elite Lecturers in tourism field. I need not further elaborate, but just to remind you to keep in mind the prospect of “ASEAN Integration”, “Human Resources in Tourism”, “Tourism Impact on the Environment, Culture, Communities and economies”, “Strategic Tourism Development Plan and Challenges for the City of Phnom Penh”, “World Heritage Tourism Management”, and least “Food and Beverage Safety”. Tourism in Cambodia is one of the most important sectors in Cambodia’s economy. In 2012, tourism arrivals increased by 28.8 percent; at the same time business travellers increased 47 percent. As I understand the current Royal Government of Cambodia, especially The Ministry of Tourism has predicted astronomical increase within the coming year. Having said that Norton University would like to sincerely express its gratitude to our Expert Lecturers: Mr. Sou Kimprithea, Mr. Talacs Laszlo, Mr. Chroloeng Somethea, Mr. Yem Chanrith; abundant but rare Miss. Kang Boran, for their valuable contribution to educate our students.