KOREAN-SCHOLARSHIP Korean Government Scholarship Program For Graduate Degrees Application Guidelines
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Korean Government Scholarship Program For Graduate Degrees Application Guidelines

Dongseo University

  Address: 47 Jurye-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan, 47011, Korea
  Website: http://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/eng/

Ⅰ. Academic Programs (Graduate)

Field of Study
Graduate School, General
Visual Contents
- Korean
/ English
Ubiquitous IT
- Korean
/ English
Japanese studies
- Korean
Social Welfare
- Korean
Film & Video
- Korean
Architecture Engineering
- Korean
Civil Engineering
- Korean
Bio-Chemical Engineering
- Korean
/ English
- Korean
Graduate School of Business
Business Administration
-    MBA
-    Korean
Graduate of
Mission &
Social welfare
- Korean
Psychology of Christian Counselling
- Korean
Church Music
- Korean
   1. About Dongseo University
  • Dongseo University was founded on the Christian tenets of ‘Love God’ and ‘Love thy neighbor’.
  • Dongseo has become a hub university in Asia with a global network of over 150 international sister schools and industry affiliates.
  • Offering innovative education is a key focus of Dongseo University.
  • Students give back to local and international communities through outreach programs.
  • Dongseo University is first in its region and top-7 nationally in career placement.
   2. The Graduate School of Dongseo University
  • The Graduate School of Dongseo University was established in 1996 in the spirit of Christianity with the purpose of researching advanced theories and teaching practical skills. The Graduate School began with just a single major (Electronic Engineering) but has since expanded to currently include 8 master’s programs and 5 doctoral programs.
  • Our graduate school has a vision to foster the most competitive experts in the world. The research we conduct trains students to be leaders in their fields through combining high-quality education and academic-industrial cooperation.
   3. Specialized Majors
    1) Visual Contents
  • As the 21st century becomes increasingly information based, demand for experts in IT fields will continue to grow. The Graduate School of Visual Contents at Dongseo University aims to meet the coming demand by nurturing creative and highly skilled human resources to lead the visual industry sector.
  • Visual Contents includes areas such as video games, animations, special effects, visual marketing/promotion, etc. Students previously majoring in engineering will be able to gain artistic sensitivity, and students  previously majoring in art will be able to gain skill in engineering.
  • The Graduate School of Visual Contents offers an interdisciplinary program that helps students develop their understanding of fundamental technologies and theories needed for working within related industry    fields, teaching at universities or developing new ideas at research institutes.
    2) Ubiquitous IT
  • Rapid developments in computing fields and IT, along with ready access to broadband and high-speed communication services, have made Ubiquitous IT a key component of our information-oriented society. This new paradigm for digital interaction creates countless possibilities for innovation and development. The prevalence of Ubiquitous IT will increase in years to come and so too will the demand for personnel able to create Internet application services, multimedia contents, games and animations. Other necessary skills will involve installing and maintaining various types of networks.
  • The Graduate School of Ubiquitous IT at Dongseo University is focused on IT technology including software, hardware and application fields. Our graduate school emphasizes not only theory but also field experience so students can acquire the knowledge and skills they need to work in industry or academia.
    3) Bio-Chemical Engineering
  • The department of Biotechnology offers varied educational  opportunities which enable students to adjust to globalization and our modern information based society. The purpose is to contribute and strengthen national competitiveness, by nurturing our professional human resources for the future biotechnology industry.
  • Biotechnology is a field for applied engineering combined with several disciplines such as chemistry, biology, engineering and genetics. Biotechnology includes the study of microorganisms, cells of animals and plants. It also covers the analysis of cell functions and engineering parts. The study of biotechnology ranges from food and medicine to the engineering aspects of these subject matters.
    4) MBA
     - A global business world has opened. The world needs practical managers with expertise in globalism to change the world. The Busan-Fukuoka Cross-Border Graduate School of Business
Adminstration is established to educate experts who will lead in the development of the Busan-Kyushu region. The graduate school offers the best curriculum for fostering of professional business managers who will be well informed on both domestic and international economic matters, as well as international business management.
Ⅱ. KGSP Application (University Quota)
  1. Period: January 30, 2017 to March 24, 2017
  2. Contact
  • Staff in charge : Ms. Yoonseo Lee
  • Tel. : +82-51-320-2746
  • Fax : +82-51-320-2094
  • E-mail : ysleee@dongseo.ac.kr
  • Website : http://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/eng/
Ⅲ. Campus Guide & Important Notes
   1. Campus Guide (Resident Hall, etc.)
    1) Dormitory
 - Dormitories have a communal kitchen, lounge area, weight room and ATM machine. Students staying in residence have convenient access to everything they need. More information about accommodation options is available in DSU website, http://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/eng/.
    2) Status of Dormitories
Name of Dorm.
No. of Building
Student Apartment
 1 for female
 1 for male
International House 2
Guest Room
International House 1
Global Village


    3) Status of facilities in dormitories
Name of Dorm
Student Apartment
In-house Kitchen(1), Laundry(1), Shower room &
International House 1
Community Kitchen(1), Laundry(1), Shower room &
Bathroom(1), Sky lounge, PC lab
International House 2
Community Kitchen(1), Laundry(1), Shower room &


    4)Dormitory fee

     - All KGSP students are provided the special favor that the dorm. fee is waived by DSU.

   2. About the Dynamic City of Busan

    - Busan is South Korea’s second largest metropolis and is located roughly 330 km (200 miles) southeast of the capital of Seoul. As the world’s fifth busiest shipping port, Busan is truly an international hub. It has hosted prestigious events including the Asian Games, the FIFA World Cup final, the APEC Conference, and the Busan International Film Festival, which has helped Busan to develop an infrastructure enabling visitors to comfortably and conveniently experience its many interesting sites.