GRADUATE-SCHOOL graduate school Mission Vision and Goal
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Mission Vision and Goal


Norton University Graduate School aims to be internationally respected university producing competitive and productive professionals who will contribute to the social and economic well being of Cambodia and to the international community. 


To realize its vision, NUGS aims to: 

  1. broaden students' international perspectives and to foster independent and critical thinkers; 
  2. provide graduate students with continuing education and training by offering relevant programs with courses and content tailored to the present and future needs of society; 
  3. help graduate students become well-informed and deeply motivated and able to think critically and be responsive to the needs of society; and 
  4. givegraduatestudentstheopportunitytofully develop their abilities and become active participants in a rapidly changing society. 


A long term goal of NUGS is to achieve an international recognition for all its degrees, its graduates, and academic staff. 
It is also committed to extending the range of its current master's programs to include other fields where Bachelor's degrees have been conferred on Norton University graduates (e.g. Engineering, Architecture, Law, and Tourism). 
At an appropriate time, it will begin the offering of relevant doctoral programs which will be implemented in consortium with its various international partners in graduate education like Ateneo de Zmaboanga University in the Philippines, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaysia, Bangkok University in Thailand, Monash University in Australia, and many others.