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bachelor of architecture (ba)

-How to select the skill, How to learn and Internship (list companies which permit to be interned or to offer internship). 
-Degree Requirements: (ex. The 5-year Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism program requirements are as adopted.) The Department of architecture and urbanism consists 4 majors as bellow: 

  1. គម្រោងប្លង់អាគារទូទៅ/ Architectural Designs 
  2. គម្រោងតុបតែងខាងក្នុង/ Interior Designs 
  3. គម្រោងប្លង់ទីក្រុង/ Urban Planning 
  4. គម្រោងប្លង់សួនឧស្យាន និងទេសភាព/ Landscape Designs