CS college of sciences civil engineering department
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bachelor of civil engineering

In order to meet the Cambodian social and economic needs for improvement of civil and urban infrastructure, it is necessary to moderate and develop an awareness and interest among the students, who are to become the future engineers in the country. 

This course is intended to prepare graduates with skills required by the civil engineering. This ten-semester course is aimed to develop the technological skills in producing environmental implications. Areas of study include Materials and Building Construction, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Survey, Concrete Technology, Theory of Structures and Structural Design, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment, Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Contract Procedures and cost Estimation, Computer Application and Construction Management. Graduates can find as technical in a variety of establishment. 

The Department of civil engineering consists 4 majors as bellow: 

  1. សំណង់អាគារ    Building Designs and Constructions 
  2. សំណង់ស្ពាន    Bridge Designs and Constructions 
  3. សំណង់ផ្លូវថ្នល់    Road Designs and Constructions 
  4. សំណង់ធារាសាស្រ្ត    Hydraulic Structural designs and Constructions